Not only do you have, and offer, very valuable street-wise business management insights, but you also have an excellent way of delivering your messages and tips in language/ways that contractors can easily understand.–Ken Farrish, BC Building Info

Mike gave my team and I great sales training and motivation to make to make some critical changes in our sales structure.  His training is essential for every sales member in any company at any size.   I have already seen an improvement in our sales closing rate in just a few weeks.–David Hamburger, Building Efficiency

Mike Rogers is one of my home performance heroes. He thinks big, takes big steps and gets big results, but more importantly he takes the time to show the rest of us the way forward. He's been a trusted friend, supporter and ally not only for Home Energy, but for home performance and the HVAC industry–Tom White, Home Energy Magazine

Great training, thanks! Spending two days with you were simply transforming.–Scott Bigness

Mike is a very knowledgeable leader in the Home Performance industry. His experience, leadership, and deep awareness of the developing Home Performance industry spans the very beginning of Home Performance with Energy Star to his current role helping contractors and programs alike.–Richard Riegel Burbank, President/CEO, Evergreen Home Performance

Talk about 'street wise' in the area of Home Energy Retrofits. Mike understands this market sector and what it takes to get homeowners to invest in improving the energy efficiency of their homes.–Mike Lubliner, Washington State University Energy Program

I consider Mike Rogers to be a thought leader in the energy efficiency industry. He is a charismatic speaker, successful businessman, and passionate about transforming and growing the home performance market.–Cynthia Adams, Executive Director, LEAP

Mike helped define and launch Home Performance with Energy Star and provides extensive service to the home energy retrofit industry through many committees, nonprofit boards, conference presentations, papers and articles, his blog, and more. His generosity, intelligence, humor, and effectiveness are well known throughout that industry and beyond.–Bob Knight, President, BKI

OmStout Consulting helps define the industry, focusing on the market forces the drive demand, results, and profitability. We can help you do better with a stepwise approach to making your business perform–so you help your customers by making their homes perform.

You don’t need to repeat the mistakes others have made. Learn from what has worked, what hasn’t, and what you need to do to thrive. Contact us so that we can tailor a solution for you.

Mike Rogers is a skilled and dynamic speaker who has spoken at building conferences and meetings and events for more than 20 years.

From groups of more than 1,000 to customized one-on-one sessions for business owners or staff, he offers a variety of approaches to meet your needs. Looking for practical and applied? A motivational keynote?  Book Mike.

Contractors aren’t signing up? Program results suffering? Evaluations and independent reports agree the engaging contractors is critical.

With experience in both the contracting and program worlds, OmStout helps programs develop strategies that can effectively entice contractors and homeowners alike to reach energy-savings and other goals. Contact us.