Building Quality with Intention

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Quality - Foster QuoteQuality doesn’t come from an inspection after the work is done. Instead, it is built in, from the beginning.

It must begin with intention not just on the immediate outcome, but as part of a process of continual improvement, always searching to increase value.

In the home improvement world, make sure that value includes not just how well you’ve air-sealed around a the recessed light, or how many BTUs you’ve delivered to a room, but how well you’ve met your customers’ expectations, from comfort to honoring their time to protecting their homes.

Desiring to do good is nice, but it is not enough. As I once heard John Tooley say, both teams come to the game with a desire to win, but only one does.

Yes, define what you want to achieve and how you will measure it. Build a process to deliver it. Train on it. Execute it. Evaluate it. Repeat.

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Mike Rogers is the President of OmStout Consulting. A nationally recognized expert in residential energy-efficiency, he works with contractors and programs to scale sustainable market approaches to improving homes. More on Google+

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