DOE’s Building Science “Power Words” Translator

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jargon no-jargon expamplesThanks to home performance social media maven Sean Lintow (@The_HTRC, for all you Tweeples), for pointing me to DOE’s draft Building Science “Power Words” Translator. Apparently this was presented by Sam Rashkin at the ACI Conference several weeks ago–there are so many good sessions you can’t hit ’em all!.

The idea behind the Translator is dead on. There might be a few nuggets in here for those taking last week’s post “Put it in Words that Mike’s Mom Would Understand” to heart. Or not. I find many of the alternative suggestions more jargony and confusing than the original. I’m not sure I buy “Quiet Installed Insulation” or the Orwellian sounding “Performance Optimized Raised Ceiling Comfort Delivery System”. And can you really just stick “comfort” or “thermal” in any phrase and have it mean something? But they’re trying. And it’s an important exercise for YOU to go through, too. Give the DOE translator a look. Maybe it will help you generate your own ideas. And feel free to submit any suggestions to DOE on their draft–the better we can all communicate key concepts to homeowners, the easier our job will be.

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