Home Performance Market Forum

Las Vegas, March 20-22

Thank you for deciding to participate in the Home Performance Market Forum. The event is schedule to begin at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, March 20 and will adjourn at noon on Friday, March 22 at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas.

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We continue to work with the facilitators to refine the meeting design. The agenda and the attendee list are now available.

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We are staying at the Stratosphere hotel. We will be carpooling to/from the Springs Preserve, located about 10 minutes from the hotel. There is no group code for hotel reservations.

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Please prepare for this discussion by reviewing these materials and think about the definition of home performance and what success looks like.  To jumpstart the conversation, please add your thoughts to the discussion of the definition of home performance.

After decades of program approaches, and more that three years of ARRA funding, we’ve seen examples of what works and what doesn’t. As numerous initiatives are under way, including the redesign of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, we need to ensure that there is a common understanding of market-based approaches that work. While we command a substantial reservoir of innovative ideas, leaders, businesses, and programs, we as an industry have not settled on a best path to success. This forum will explore the self-sustaining and profitable paths forward in order to strengthen the market. At the same time, we hope the conclusions with inform program and policy directions and allow them to build on these approaches where possible, rather than work counter to them.

In order to increase the opportunities for success, we are convening a subset of the leaders, thinkers, and innovators who over the last 30 years, have served as the foundation of our industry.  In the same room, we will also gather some young leaders of tomorrow who embody the passion and the wherewithal to carry this torch into the future.

The purpose is to explore the historical underpinnings of the home performance industry, identify successful approaches along with barriers, and create actionable next steps to inform broader industry work. This will be a carefully facilitated discussion between invited current and future thought leaders. Together we will learn from our history, challenge the conventional wisdom, and develop a market growth schema anchored by the strengths of our industry.


Keith Aldridge,
Amy Beley
Denee Evans
Gavin Hasting
Mike Rogers
John Tooley
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