PV Adds Value to Homes – New LBNL Study

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Appraising Into the SunConfirming earlier studies, a new report from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that home with PV are worth more. ($3.45/watt for 2012 sales). Not only that, but there doesn’t appear to be any difference in days-on-the-market, how long it takes a home to sell.

I take this as a good sign and an important first step toward valuing the broader performance of a home. PV is just one small piece of the puzzle. Efficiency and other performance metrics should have value that gets reflected in the price of a home, too.

But we’ve got to unlock that value. Even studies on something more straightforward like the impact of PV took a long time. Finding good paired sales data across many markets is a big challenge. It’s possible, though, and efforts are already underway. Stay tuned! (I find the work that Elevate Energy is doing with its Value for High Performance Homes a great way to stay up to speed in this arena. And follow Sandy Adomatis on Twitter @sadomatis–she’s leading the charge on multiple fronts.)

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