The Home Performance Forum: Rebirth of the best online residential EE/RE/BS discussion!

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If you blinked or coughed, you might have missed a very important announcement at the National Home Performance Conference last week: The launch of the new Home Performance Forum (

The Home Performance Forum discussion group launches

For several years, “RESNET BPI” group on LinkedIn was the location of the best online discussion of residential energy-efficiency and building science issues. Moderated as a labor of love for the industry and the discussion by David Butler, the group was a great place to learn and converse. Thousands of contributors generously gave their time and shared their knowledge. And David kept out the spam and mindless attempts at promotion out of the group.

Alas, over the years, LinkedIn not only failed to improve the discussion group mechanics, they increasing pulled back functionality making the LinkedIn forum less and less useful for users. And we started drifting away.

David works with Goliath to Develop Something Even Better!

Recognizing the downward spiral of the LinkedIn platform, David wanted to find a better home, with an organization committed to not just maintaining, but strengthening the discussion as a way to strengthen the industry. Enter the Home Performance Coalition (HPC). David and HPC worked to build a new platform, and with the cooperation of leading contributors, port over and archive a tremendous wealth from the almost-decade-long discussion.

As announced at the conference, the Forum is now live! It’s easier to find discussion areas–I like the categories that group discussions. This new platform has a MUCH BETTER search function. And already the discussions are happening. If you’re a professional in this space, you will find this to be an important resource. So join the discussion now! Lurk if you just want to soak it all it. Even better, participate. Ask questions. Share what you know. Join the Home Performance Forum today!

Big thanks to David Butler for his tremendous work on this. And to HPC for recognizing the value of the ongoing to the industry and investing to keep it alive and healthy.

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Mike Rogers is the President of OmStout Consulting. A nationally recognized expert in residential energy-efficiency, he works with contractors and programs to scale sustainable market approaches to improving homes. More on Google+

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