Put it in Words that Mike’s Mom Would Understand

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Mikes Mom

Those who’ve worked with me on an in-house sales training program or attended a sales training workshop know I like to start with some foundational elements. Right near the top of that list is my mantra “Put it in words Mike’s Mom would understand.” Sounds simple. But it’s not easy.  And it is very important. Let me explain.

My mom is a sharp cookie. (A sharp cookie? That sounds dangerous.)

But she’s not an energy nerd.

She doesn’t know what U-value means.

She doesn’t use static pressure in a sentence every day. Perhaps she never has.

AFUE, BPI, RESNET, PACE, and CFM might all be possible tile draws in Scrabble, but they’re not “words” she uses every day (and not Scrabble plays–can’t use acronyms).

My mom isn’t like you. Not that way, anyway.

But she is like a lot of your customers. She does want to be comfortable in her home. Maybe she wants to save energy. And if you want to sell her solutions to what concerns her, you’d be better off using words that she understand and concepts that she can relate to.

When you’re explaining something, remember, “Put it in words that Mike’s mom would understand.”

(For more on this see “Dump the Jargon“)

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Mike Rogers is the President of OmStout Consulting. A nationally recognized expert in residential energy-efficiency, he works with contractors and programs to scale sustainable market approaches to improving homes. More on Google+

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