Get Ready to Energize Your Contracting Business!

New Orleans, January 14-16

Hotel Provincial, 1024 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA

Thank you for your interest in joining this discussion with your peers, among the first of its kind in the home performance arena. We’ve got a good mix of fellow contractors with good ideas and results-based experience. This should support a fruitful conversation.

Please arrive ready to participate and share. In order to do that, please take a look at the following “homework” and come prepared.

“Homework” to prepare for the exchange

  1. Review the agenda. We have breaks built in, and everyone is best served if you can schedule those calls that we’ll all inevitably have for some time outside of the formal discussion.
  2. Come with questions. Come with answers. The Wednesday evening conversation is important. It’s where we build the detailed agenda for the following two days. Come with your burning questions–and come with insights to share, whether they be marketing campaigns that have resonated, efficient ways to build out an insulation and air-sealing truck, or insights into hiring or training. In short, what do you what to learn from your peers? And what can you teach them in return?
  3. Review your numbers. To give context, please tease out ahead of time some of your key performance indicators and targets in your marketing, sales, and operations. These include, for example:
    • Cost per lead and cost per acquisition.
    • Number of leads per week you need.
    • Average installation project size (average ticket size).
    • Sales closing rates, for the company and for each sales person.
    • Margins
    • And more!
  4. Do a little reading. I recommend a couple of short posts to prepare you for the sales conversation. If you’ve got your own recommendations, please add them in the comments section.
  5. Get ready to have some fun We’ve got a good group of people. With some hard work, you’ll walk out with valuable lessons. But be prepared to smile, too!.

Thanks!  See you soon!


P.S. For information on the DOE Building America on Friday afternoon, see this draft meeting plan.

With Support From:

BIG Support We would like to thank Build It Green for its generous support of this event as part of its continued efforts to support thriving, sustainable business opportunities for home performance contractors.

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