Women athletes, the Olympics, and how to crush the competition in your contracting business

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U.S. Women Reign in the Olympics

The NY Times has a nice article about the success of the U.S. Women Olympians

For those keeping score by country, the U.S. crushed the competition in Rio with 121 medals. China was second with 70, Britain third with 67. They wouldn’t have done it without the women (61 medals), who earned more than the men (60).

There are some important lessons for contractors here.

First, by supporting women, women can thrive. The U.S. supports women athletes at all levels better than anyone else.

What if we did that in the business world, too? What if we helped more women do well in contracting businesses, running contracting businesses?

Second, if you embrace women as part of your team, you will crush the competition. 121 medals vs. the next best at 70. The sad reality is as a whole in the home improvement contracting world, we don’t support women. We often push them away. If a company can buck that norm, and tap into a talent pool twice the size of everyone else, they’ve got a much better chance at winning.

Do you want to win? Where are the women on your team? Is the captain of your team a women?

Third, it’s not just gender. Check out the diversity of the U.S. compared with most other nations. Race, religion, orientation, political leaning don’t matter–pick the strong players, and you’ve got a better shot at winning. Stick to a narrow, parochial view, and you will lose. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But inevitably, you will lose.

Again, wouldn’t you rather win? And win while being on the side of justice, too?

(Hey, I understand the Olympics–and especially the coverage of the Olympics–isn’t a perfect example. Drunk prima donnas trashing a gas station. Phelps getting a sliver gets the headline, and Ledecky utterly dominating a race and setting a new world record in the process is a subtitle. Silly questions asked of Andy Murray. Too many examples to list! And yet, the U.S. Women Olympians were amazing nonetheless.)

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  1. Chandler  August 24, 2016

    Next up… a women in the White House!


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