Dump the Jargon

Posted by: Mike Rogers The Scenario: You’ve completed an audit1 and are relaying findings to a homeowner: “The blower door reading says 2,167 cfm50, and with that level of infiltration, you have an ACH50 of 13.2. An analysis of your attic shows that you have a nominal R-11 installed at a level 2, and thus your are at a […]

Hurry! Don’t Miss the 2016 ACI Conference in Austin!

Posted by: Mike Rogers I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. For 30 years, ACI has been the best national conference and gathering in North America for those in the home energy retrofit industry. And the 2016 ACI National Home Performance Conference, April 4-7, in Austin, Texas is going to be a doozy! Must See / Must […]

7 Home Performance Trends to Watch in 2015

Posted by: Mike Rogers Looking ahead to 2015, I see a lot more of the same from 2014 for contractors in the residential energy and efficiency arenas. What that says to me is that contractors who figure out how to run their businesses well will thrive. Those who are hoping for programs, mandates, and high energy […]