TotalProtect Home Warranty Reviews: What Customers Say About Their Experience

Reviews of Total Protect Home Warranty generally range from good to excellent. Customers report that they are satisfied with the coverage, customer service, and pricing of Total Protect Home Warranty plans.

What Does Total Protect Home Warranty Cover?

What Does TotalProtect Home Warranty Cover?

TotalProtect Home Warrenty offers comprehensive coverage for all major systems and appliances in the home. Coverage is individualized depending on the plan purchased and details are available on the TotalProtect website. Generally, coverage includes HVAC, water heaters, electrical work, roofing, plumbing and much more. Appliances covered by their basic home warranty protection range from refrigerators, washers and dryers to ovens and other large kitchen appliances. That being said, it is important to check with TotalProtect before purchase to determine exactly what kind of coverage is offered for each item.

In addition to regularly scheduled services like plumbing or electrical repairs, TotalProtect also offers emergency services through their 24/7 customer support. This means that customers can get access to an expert technician during an emergency who is available around the clock. Customers can also benefit from additional perks such as discounts on appliances and free advice on preventative maintenance.

It should be noted, however, that there are some limitations to what TotalProtect Home Warranty covers. Most notably, the company does not cover pre-existing conditions or any damage caused by acts of nature, nor do they cover damages caused by lack of regular maintenance.

TotalProtect Home Warranty offers extensive coverage for all major systems and appliances in the home, but it is important to read all of the fine print and understand the terms of agreement before signing a contract with them. With this in mind, let’s move on to discuss the appliances and systems protected under their plans in more detail.

Appliances & Systems Protected

TotalProtect Home Warranty covers an extensive range of appliances and systems in the home. These include items like HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems), refrigerators, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, water heaters and plumbing fixtures, electronic items like TVs, home theatres and computers, swimming pools and spas. All of these major household merchandise are covered by TotalProtect Home Warranty’s protection plan.

When customers sign up for TotalProtect’s coverage plan, they receive a comprehensive protection package that includes repair or replacement of covered items from experienced technicians. Customers can trust that TotalProtect has established relationships with reliable service personnel who have been vetted by their internal Quality Assurance team. For customers requiring additional assurance beyond the normal coverage plan, they can add on coverage such as additional systems or kitchen appliance special coverage which gives customers increased peace of mind.

The benefits of TotalProtect Home warranty can be debated whether it is enough to cover all the necessary systems in your home. While some may argue that this type of warranty does not go far enough to ensure their financial safety in case of a total breakdown situation involving expensive appliances or systems in their home, others may feel more comfortable knowing that their coverage is complete with little gap in protection. ultimately , the decision lies solely with the customer to decide if they prefer additional coverage or direct ownership when it comes to protecting their major household items.

Leading into the next section about “Coverage Options”, understanding what appliances and systems are protected by TotalProtect Home Warranty is an important aspect when planning for optimal home coverage. With an extensive list of items and special options available, customers can customize their policy based on their individual needs to fit within budget and provide necessary peace of mind against unforeseen breakdowns.

Coverage Options

When it comes to TotalProtect Home Warranty coverage, customers can expect a wide range of it. Most plans include big-ticket items such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washers/dryers. Additional coverage options include central heating systems and air conditioning units. The TotalProtect warranty also covers plumbing systems and important electrical components.

The only major item not covered by the warranty is swimming pools and spas. Customers looking for pool or spa coverage may want to consider a separate policy. Some may even opt for an all-inclusive home warranty that covers pool and spa items in addition to the other items mentioned above.

On average, customers can get coverage up to $3,000 per repair call in repairs cost with the TotalProtect Home Warranty plans. Depending on the customer’s needs, this may be sufficient or too low for their particular situation. As such, it helps to evaluate their warranty plan to see if it meets one’s needs before opting for the service.

Customer service response times are generally good but there have been some complaints by those who live in more rural areas where technicians may take longer to respond due to distance constraints. It is important to factor in such issues during the decision-making process.

Overall, when considering coverage options with TotalProtect Home Warranty customers should be aware of what is covered and where there are any possible limitations based on their location or desired coverage level. With this knowledge, customers can make an informed decision about whether or not TotalProtect fits within their budget and meets their warranted-item needs. Now that we’ve discussed coverage options, let’s dive into Total Protect Home Warranty cost in the next section.

  • According to the Better Business Bureau, Total Protect Home Warranty has an overall score of A+ rating, with 94% and 5-star customers reviews.
  • Data from Trustpilot shows that 97% of customers would recommend Total Protect Home Warranty to a friend or family member.
  • provides an average customer review score of 4.2/5 stars for Total Protect Home Warranty’s services.

Total Protect Home Warranty Cost

TotalProtect Home Warranty cost is a major consideration for many homeowners. The cost of the plan can vary depending on the type of coverage and the age and condition of the property. Total Protect offers three main levels of coverage, ranging from their most basic Essential plan to their best value Premier plan. Generally, the higher the premium and deductible, the greater level of coverage is available.

Potential customers should consider all costs associated with TotalProtect plans, including any service and repair fees that may apply. Additionally, customers should be wary of any potential enrollment or cancellation fees associated with particular contracts. Understanding the fine print, especially when it comes to policy exclusions and cancellation fee deadlines, is important in order to avoid surprise charges or misunderstandings.

Overall though, the reviews suggest that TotalProtect’s home warranty plans are competitively priced without compromising quality. Customers seem pleased with the comprehensive level of coverage they receive for the price and appreciate being able to customize their package to meet specific needs.

In terms of special discounts that TotalProtect Home Warranty offers, there are varying deals for different customers, depending on current availability and other factors. It is recommended that customers contact a sales representative for more detailed information on current promotional offers.

Now that you have a better understanding of TotalProtect Home Warranty cost and how it relates to coverage and pricing options, let’s discuss the details surrounding TotalProtect’s Terms and Conditions in our next section.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of a TotalProtect Home Warranty are important for consumers to understand before signing up for a policy. These terms are often lengthy and complex, as they cover the responsibilities of both the consumer and supplier. On the consumer’s side, it is important to note that some repairs may not be covered by the policy and that deductibles must be paid in order to access any coverage. Similarly, before receiving any coverage, customers will need to take necessary steps such as providing proof of ownership or condition, completing an inspection, and ensuring that all applicable fees have been paid on time.

On the supplier’s side, TotalProtect Home Warranties may offer additional coverage depending on the type of plan that has been purchased. Suppliers also generally reserve the right to deny claims if customer negligence or misuse is suspected. Denied claims could include those related to failing to properly maintain property or not honoring previously agreed maintenance schedules.

All of these Terms and Conditions can make it difficult for customers to understand their rights and obligations ahead of time, leaving many feeling uncertain about what their warranties cover. This ambiguity can lead to confusion and frustration when something unexpected goes wrong with a home appliance or system. Understanding both sides of this debate is important in order to ensure that customers feel safe and taken care of when dealing with TotalProtect Home Warranties.

The next section will discuss Total Protect Home Warranty Reviews – what customers say about their experience with Total Protect Home Warranties.

Total Protect Home Warranty Reviews

When reviewing TotalProtect home warranty reviews, customers offer both positive and negative feedback about their experience. On the Positive side, many customers describe a quick, hassle-free process for filing a claim with the company—which is often processed within 24 hours of receipt. Additionally, customers cite affordability as a major advantage of purchasing from TotalProtect over other providers. Customers have also found that TotalProtect representatives were friendly and helpful when they were dealing with their claims.

On the Negative side, some customers note that obtaining permission to access parts or services can be difficult because the company must first approve any repairs before they are done. Other customers have been unimpressed with the quality of work performed by contractors sent out to repair/replace items covered under their warranty. Furthermore, there have been complaints about long wait times on the phone when contacted for assistance.

The quality of products and services provided by TotalProtect can vary depending on the customer’s individual experience; however, most customers agree that the convenience offered by TotalProtect outweighs any issues they may have experienced with using the company’s services. As such, it’s important to research carefully and make sure that any home warranty you purchase is right for you before signing up. With this in mind, let’s move on to our next topic: a comparison of TotalProtect and other home warranties.

Comparison of Total Protect and Other Home Warranties

When examining TotalProtect Home Warranties compared to other home warranties, it’s important to take a look at coverage plans, cost and customer reviews. With TotalProtect, customers can choose from many different types of coverage plans including Appliance and System Protection Plans, Combo Plans, Well Pump/Water System and Septic Tank Coverage Plans and even Landlord Protection Plans designed specifically for rental homes. In terms of cost, the prices vary depending on the type of coverage selected, but often include a service call fee as well as an annual payment plan–costing anywhere between $200-$700 per year. Customers often report high satisfaction levels with TotalProtect’s coverage plans, claiming they don’t have to worry about unexpected home repairs when they are covered by a home warranty.

In comparison with other home warranty companies, other providers may offer comparable coverage plans in terms of quality as well as similar annual payment terms. Prices vary widely among different home warranties; however, some claim that their prices can be lower than TotalProtect. Furthermore, customers report a wide range of opinions about other home warranty companies’ customer service experiences. Many express satisfaction in the level of responsiveness received when inquiring about an existing policy or filing a claim. However there is also an array of complaints about inadequate customer service or unfulfilled claims from other providers.

Given the facts outlined above, customers should make sure to research carefully before deciding which home warranty best suits their individual needs and expectations in terms of coverage plan variety, pricing and customer service experience. Now that we have discussed comparison of TotalProtect Home Warranties and other home warranties, let’s move on to the next section which is focused on TotalProtect Home Warranty Customer Service.

Total Protect Home Warranty Customer Service

TotalProtect Home Warranty customers report a wide range of experiences with the company’s customer service. Many homeowners say they had a positive interaction with TotalProtect and were pleased with their response times and professionalism. Others, however, have reported a less satisfactory experience. Some customers say that the company’s agents are not knowledgeable enough to answer all of their questions, and in some cases it takes weeks before responses or repairs are completed.

Overall, TotalProtect’s customer service appears to be inconsistent depending on individual experiences – some have positive interactions while others don’t. It is important for customers to take into account previous reviews and feedback before purchasing a home warranty plan with TotalProtect to understand what kind of customer service they can expect from the company.

Next, we look at the pros and cons of choosing TotalProtect Home Warranty as your home warranty provider.

Total Protect Home Warranty: Pros and Cons

Total Protect Home Warranty is a service that offers customers protection for their appliances and systems failure. With Total Protect Home Warranty, customers have access to affordable repair costs, home system maintenance and a 24/7 customer service support. TotalProtect’s plans range from basic coverage to comprehensive coverage plans, with limited labor warranties varying in price accordingly. While it may seem like the perfect solution for protecting expensive home fixtures and appliances, potential subscribers should consider both the advantages and disadvantages of this home warranty service before making a decision.

Starting with the pros of TotalProtect Home Warranty:


1) Affordable & Reasonable Prices – with TotalProtect customers will pay only one fee that covers almost every appliance, system or fixture in their homes. Customers can also choose from different plans which will cover more specific items such as heating systems, air conditioning units or other services that may cost significantly more when repaired without a service plan like TotalProtect.

2) Comprehensive Coverage – TotalProtects offers a wide range of coverage plans that include both basic coverage like electrical wiring and structural faults, as well as more advanced coverage such as ductwork and pool facilities. This means customers have access to protection from all types of repairs from small scale breakdowns to large scale disasters.

3) 24/7 Customer Service Support – TotalProtect offers customers 24/7 customer service support through toll-free phone or online chat services. This allows customers to reach out for help during any time of day if they experience an issue with their appliances or systems at any time throughout their subscription period.

On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks associated with using TotalProtect Home Warranty:


1) All-inclusive policies are more prone to abuse – since TotalProtect’s policy covers every appliance and system in your home it also increases the risk of being taken advantage of by third party contractors looking to charge exorbitant prices for repairs that could be done themselves or by smaller repair companies.

2) Pre-Existing Conditions Not Covered– most repairs on appliances do not cover pre-existing conditions, meaning if the appliance was already damaged when the policy was taken out, it won’t be covered by TotalProtect’s protection plan in the event of any future breakdowns. It is therefore important to make sure all appliances in your home are well maintained prior to signing up for any policy so you can get the most out of your plan.

3) Cancellation Frees May Apply – if a customer wishes to cancel their contract at any point within their subscription period, they may be subject to cancellation fees due to breaking their agreement. This means customers should weigh all the pros and cons before entering into any contractual agreement with a home warranty company like TotalProtect Home Warranty in case they need to terminate their policy early in its duration.

Overall, there are many advantages and disadvantages associated with using Total Protect Home Warranty’s comprehensive protection plan. Considering all these variables is crucial before making a final decision on whether this type of service is right for you and your household’s needs. In the next section we will discuss how you can determine whether or not Total Protect Home Warranty is worth it for you specifically by taking into account various factors such as lifestyle needs and types of repair issues that occur frequently in your household among other things so stay tuned! Ultimately it will come down whether subscribing to an all-inclusive protection plan like Total Protect provides value for money when compared with DIY repairs or similar services offered by local contractors on an individual basis component basis.

Conclusion: Is Total Protect Home Warranty Worth It?

At the end of the day, it’s up to each individual homeowner to decide if TotalProtect Home Warranty is worth it. The company has secured positive reviews from customers in regards to their service and customer support. These reviews are counterbalanced by negative remarks related to coverage restrictions, claim processes, and general customer dissatisfaction with services rendered.

On one hand, those who purchased a TotalProtect Home Warranty often feel that it was worth the cost given that they received the appliance or system repairs they needed. If a service appointment is made quickly and the work completed successfully, many homeowners are grateful for the peace of mind has come with their coverage plan. Additionally, some may find that additional coverage for issues outside regular maintenance can prove beneficial as well.

On the other hand, those who feel that their plans were not worth the cost often encountered issues such as slow response times or denied claims due to lack of coverage or contractual exclusions. Furthermore, customers have noted difficulty speaking with customer service representatives and receiving sufficient help when requesting information or filing an appropriate claim under their coverage plan.

Ultimately, TotalProtect Home Warranty comes down to an individual’s budget and needs regarding home appliance and system repair coverage. Before investing in a home warranty plan from any provider, including TotalProtect Home Warranty, homeowners should compare different providers for coverage options, pricing structure, and customer satisfaction ratings to better ascertain which provider will best suit their needs.

Responses to Common Questions

What types of customers are most likely to be satisfied with Total Protect Home Warranty’s services?

Customers who have had positive experiences with Total Protect Home Warranty are likely to be those who are mindful of both cost and quality when it comes to home repair services. TotalProtect provides a wide range of service plans at competitive prices, as well as offering 24/7 customer service. Customers may also appreciate their ‘No Lemon’ appliance guarantee which provides multiple replacements if the same repair is needed within 24 months. Another group likely to be satisfied with their experience are those especially concerned with convenience. Through a simple online process, customers can arrange for an appointment or request a repair in minutes, saving valuable time and energy. Additionally, TotalProtect offers automatic renewal options as well as multi-year plan discounts, making it easier for customers to maintain their coverage without worrying about missing deadlines.

How do Total Protect Home Warranty’s plan options and coverage compare to those of other home warranty companies?

TotalProtect Home Warranty offers a variety of plans and coverage options that are well-suited to meet the needs of their customers. These plans range from basic protection for the home’s major systems, such as electrical, plumbing, and heating/cooling, to complete coverage for appliances and other items. The coverage is among the most comprehensive in the home warranty industry, offering repair or replacement coverage for hundreds of different household items. Additionally, TotalProtect offers customizable plans so that customers can tailor their home warranty coverage to meet their individual needs.

When compared to other home warranty companies, TotalProtect’s plans offer superior coverage at very competitive prices. They offer flexible cost plans which allow customers to include or exclude certain items from their coverage, helping them stay within their budgets. Customer reviews also show that TotalProtect provides exceptional customer service and fast response times when service technicians are needed. All in all, TotalProtect Home Warranty offers excellent value and peace of mind with its comprehensive plans and reliable customer support.

How responsive has Total Protect Home Warranty been to customer inquiries and claims?

TotalProtect Home Warranty has been highly responsive to customer inquiries and claims. According to customers, they often receive response times much shorter than what was promised in the warranty plan itself, with many customers noting that their claims were processed quickly and courteously. In addition, when customers have had questions or needed more information, TotalProtect Home Warranty representatives have been readily available to answer questions and address any concerns. Overall, customers have been quite impressed with the level of responsiveness from TotalProtect Home Warranty.






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